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        The Gear Shop exists for one reason: to support the needs of those who believe that four wheels transcend simple transportation. It is Freedom in its purest form.

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        How to Find Us
        1431 40 Ave NE Calgary, AB T2E 8N6


        The Gear Shop offers the services of a high level journeyman, a Red Seal technician and a Red Seal journeywoman welder to service and upgrade vehicles. Total commitment to proper maintenence of all vehicles at the Gear Shop using only premium parts is top priority and extremely important to maintaining an optimum level of performance throughout the life of ownership. The entire team at The Gear Shop is passionate about vehicles on pavement, off-pavement, going slow or going fast. It’s the passion that drives The Gear Shop to create incredible vehicles.


        Offering the very best service, gear and vehicle upgrades in the world; ensuring those who love to drive slow and those who love to drive fast get the most enjoyment out of their vehicles.