We wrote not too long ago about a project which Tamarack Media Co. approached us to be apart of for a film competition called Throttle and Shutter.  The concept came from the short film called “C’était un rendez-vous” by Claude Lelouche.  If you haven’t seen this short film, we highly encourage taking a quick watch by clicking the title above or the film poster below.  It’s the raw sound and simplicity of this film with a beautiful ending which makes it a classic.

This film project as mentioned in our last post “Tonight We Drive… Like The Wind!,” is really quite exciting.  More so anything to do with driving “efficiently” we’re in!   Shooting with Chase, Peter and Addison from Tamarack Media made time melt away which means there’s either a deadline coming up or we’re having quite a bit of fun.  Working at The Gear Shop is similar as time just flies by, I call it the time vortex, as it happens when you walk into the shop… times evaporates!  Shooting with Tamarack was no different, 5PM turned to 11PM almost as quick one can get from one end of a tunnel to another.

We really appreciate the work Tamarack has done with this short film and it’s something that makes us giggle and pull images of Fast and Furious meets 80’s styled movie when we watch it.  We really wanted the sound to come through and they nailed it.  We encourage you to watch with your speakers turned up!

Drive Like The Wind from Tamarack Media Co. on Vimeo.