Working at a shop can bring about great people, interesting times, trying times, amazing opportunities and best of all lots of fun.  We’re thankful we are allowed to work in a world of passion and excitement where our clients are genuinely like a kid in a candy store.

There are many times when opportunities come by the shop and we are the kids in the candy store and one of these times are when brothers, Chase and Addison Rickaby founders of Tamarack Media Co, presented an idea that really made us excited.

Apart of the PERFORM side of the shop, we have a passion for driving on pavement through fast and flowing corners.  The Rickaby brothers are very aware of our driving passion and presented an idea to be apart of their vision to compete for the Throttle & Shutter film competition.  All I heard were the words… make a video with you driving… if we win… get to be apart of making Ken Block’s next Gymkhana production… I’m quite certain before they finished talking about it I muttered something like… $#%! YES!

In case you haven’t seen a Ken Block Gymkhana video… here are a few for your viewing pleasure.

This evening we will be continuing our filming with Tamarack Media Co. which will be ongoing to ensure all the shots are just right for their vision.  The video will need to be completed and sent in before September  which will be judged by Nicolas Hamilton (you may know is brother… Lewis), Mike Burroughs the founder of StanceWorks, and Jay McToldridge the co-founder of The Players-Show.  Some pretty solid names in the industry!

… Mostly this is for the passion of driving… the sounds… the feeling… and the pure joy which comes from anything automobile.  The title of the film is called “Drive Like The Wind.” We can’t say too much at this point, however, we can say… it’s going to have a scruffy Japanese driver, a quick car, efficient driving, epic cinematography, amazing sounds… and a young lady at the end.

Filming starts at 7PM this evening

Here’s some shots from the last session by Tamarack Media Co.: