Picking an oil sometimes can be a bit tricky.  There is a large selection of lubricant’s on the market and picking the right one for the right application can be difficult.  Here at The Gear Shop we’ve made it easy for our clients when they have their vehicle in for service. We made a conscious decision to use the highest grade oil possible regardless of age or make.   We’ve tested a few kinds of oil in our 2012 STi PERFORM Demo Car and found the least amount of burn off was found in the MOTUL lineup.

In 1971, MOTUL was the first in the industry to create a 100% synthetic motor oil called the Century 300V.  Today the 300V line is commonly known in motorsport as their high performance oil containing a special ingredient called ESTER Core.  This is what provides serious protection against wear, oil pressure drop, and oxidation from high temperatures.  Currently today MOTUL maintains close relationships in motorsport with companies like, Suzuki, Subaru, Nissan, Peugeot, Yamaha, and Honda.

MOTUL GTR The Gear Shop

It’s this oil that has been able to stand up to the high heat which is generated from the Garrett 3076R turbine and The Gear Shop built motor with Tomei internals.  Before it would burn off 5w40 synthetics and now with the MOTUL 300V the oil hasn’t dipped under hard conditions.  We very impressed!

Why do we use MOTUL on our MECHANICAL side of the shop?

The vehicles we service at The Gear Shop are normally driven in harsh conditions ranging from high-reving to high temperature.  As we are responsible for our client’s maintenance, we ensure we use the best oil to keep the motor running happy which makes our jobs a little bit easier each time.  It also will preserve the health of our client’s motor keeping them happy to enjoy their travels with their car or 4WD.

MOTUL Gear Shop

Come check out the full line up of MOTUL available through The Gear Shop for the motor, transmission, differentials and brakes.

Our MOTUL oil service is a gift to our clients starting at $55 (4 Cylinder) all the way to $75 (8 Cylinder) which includes the Manufacturers Genuine filter and drain plug washer.  *Some exceptions apply.

Contact us with your lubrication needs!  We also retail MOTUL over the counter if you prefer to do the work yourself.