Born from a vehicle maintenance and performance hobby, The Gear Shop came to life through the vision of Nathan Hayashi. Originally based out of his home garage, Nathan catered to a small group of people helping to source and install upgrades and accessories for their vehicles. What started out as a hobby quickly evolved and Nathan found he was spending most of his time ordering, delivering and installing auto parts. While Nathan’s network grew, so to did requests for parts. He quickly realized there was a need not being met.

As the number of orders grew, Nathan’s humble garage began to overflow with pallets from the US. The search began for a warehouse where people could pick up their orders and stock could be stored. A small warehouse with plain white walls, a desk, computer and phone was leased and The Gear Shop was born. Nathan’s read on the market was correct and orders started to come in.

The Gear Shop incorporated in 2011 with a goal of providing its clients with high quality automotive products which were difficult to source in Canada. A passion and a focus on the knowledge behind the spec is what has separated The Gear Shop from its competitors, and made it one of the ‘go to’ locations in the city of Calgary.


The Gear Shop team is a group of individuals bound by a common passion; a love for driving slow, driving fast and a goal to make sure The Gear Shop’s clients get the most enjoyment out of their vehicles.

Positivity, transparency and communication are all core values that drive The Gear Shop’s team to produce a higher level of service and commitment to their customer base.


The Gear Shop’s facility is located at Bay 1 2501 Alyth Road SE, T2G 1P7 Calgary, Canada. With 4900 sq. ft. of service space consisting of 2 state-of-the-art vehicle bays, The Gear Shop is fully prepared to handle an job from oil changes to large custom builds.

Located in north east Calgary, The Gear Shop welcomes all makes and models of car or truck. If you're going around in a circle or you're going around the world, make sure to stop into our Shop first and we can ensure your vehicle is adventure or track ready.

As well as serving a large client base at their physical location, The Gear Shop caters to the global community via their extensive online store. Please check out the Shop link above.


The Gear Shop offers a wide variety of services including: inspections, troubleshooting, brakes, fluid changes/flushes, spark plugs, timing belts, motor swaps, turbo installs and suspension.

The Gear Shop also offers the services of a high level journeyman, a Red Seal technician and a Red Seal journey-woman welder to service and upgrade vehicles. Total commitment to proper maintenance of all vehicles at the Gear Shop using only premium parts is top priority and extremely important to maintaining an optimum level of performance throughout the life of ownership. The entire team at The Gear Shop is passionate about vehicles on pavement, off-pavement, going slow or going fast. It’s the passion that drives The Gear Shop to create incredible vehicles.